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On Angel Wings

Mobile app, Website, Motion design
Fulfilling Christmas dreams
On Angel Wings


For 7 years, the Charity Foundation «Care of the City» has been organizing the event called «On Angel Wings» where anyone can fulfill the Christmas dreams of orphans, lonely senior people, solo moms and people with disabilities.

To fulfill a dream, just open the application, select a person from the list and transfer the pledge to buy a selected gift.

On Angel Wings - Background


An existing mobile application was outdated. The confusing structure, the repulsive design and the lack of necessary functionality led to the fact that users left the application without having time to figure out how to use it.

To solve this problem, we started designing an application from scratch. Our team created a new structure, developed prototypes and completely reworked the UI-style.

On Angel Wings - Challenge


On Angel Wings - Prototypes

Mobile UI

On Angel Wings - Mobile UI


On Angel Wings - Onboarding

Dream selection

On Angel Wings - Dream selection

Pledge transfer

On Angel Wings - Pledge transfer


The updated application has completed its task. But the world has changed, fewer and fewer people want to install another app on their mobile phones. In order not to lose this audience, we transferred the main functionality to the website.

On Angel Wings - Web


You can find out detailed information about a dream, transfer funds quickly and fill in a volunteer form right in the pop-ups.

On Angel Wings - Pop-ups
On Angel Wings - Pop-ups
On Angel Wings - Pop-ups
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