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EE Technologies

Design, Development
Visual style for lighting solutions provider
EE Technologies


Several strong illumination specialists left the market-leader company to start own business and create a lighting solutions in their own way.

So appeared EE Technologies, a team that knows everything about illumination of warehouses, shops, offices and even roads.

EE Technologies - Background


When we met with EE Technologies, they had only an idea and a name. We needed to craft a visual style for the company that could be used in digital communications and on physical objects.

EE Technologies - Challenge


EE Technologies - Identity

Use of the logo and mark

EE Technologies - Use of the logo and mark

EE Technologies -

EE Technologies -


The main challenge during the design of the website was the need to tell about the company's projects. It was difficult to show at small screen at the same time all the projects, “Before” / “After” photos and involved equipment

After the first version of the site appeared, we conducted user tests and found that the interface came out too overloaded. Therefore, we decided to bring each project to a separate page in order to facilitate the perception of the content.

EE Technologies - Web

EE Technologies -
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