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Almost from the foundation of our company, there was a problem. Every time a new employee joins our team, he spend a week or two to understand company's processes and work aspects.

During this time a newcomer could several times a day distract the department leader, manager or founder to understand how to work on projects, what tools to use, when he can go on vacation or whether he can use curse words...

daviann Wiki - Challenge


To solve the problem, we created Wikipedia ...khm-khm.. the encyclopedia of the company, where we described all the organizational and work aspects. Methodologies, guidelines, office rules, vacation rules, anything.

daviann Wiki - Solution

Department sections

In addition to general information, each department has its own section, where they can describe processes, add tools and materials.

daviann Wiki - Department sections

Smart search

All of this can be found through a search that analysis not only titles, but also inside content: texts, articles and even attached books. Yes, everything is just like on your Mac.

daviann Wiki - Smart search
daviann Wiki - Smart search
daviann Wiki - Smart search
daviann Wiki - Smart search
daviann Wiki - Smart search
daviann Wiki - Smart search


Everything to the smallest detail, we tested on the team: navigation through the site, readability of fonts and clarity of icons. This helped us to design the interface that ideally suites for our needs.

daviann Wiki - Testing
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